My Vision For Adelaide


My vision is for Adelaide to be a leader in sustainability, creativity and social justice. Together, we can ensure Adelaide achieves its potential as one the world’s great small cities.

I stand for:


Greening Adelaide

– Protect our Park Lands, plant more trees and boost green roofs and walls

– Invest in world-class bike paths and tram infrastructure

– Increase access to solar energy so that both owner-occupiers and renters are able to switch to solar power

– Make Adelaide a leader in climate change adaptation – encouraging business investment and boosting jobs


Keeping Adelaide Liveable

– Put people back into our planning system so that the voice of residents is heard

– Protect our historic heritage buildings

– Promote more affordable housing and social housing


A City For All Of Us

– Work with all members of the community to ensure a more inclusive and representative Council

– Support the Zero Homelessness Project to end homelessness in our city and provide assistance to those in need

– Work with people with disabilities to ensure Adelaide reflects universal design principles


Promoting Creativity

– Support Adelaide artists, events and festivals

– Celebrate innovation and new ideas

– Encourage entrepreneurs to make Adelaide home