Media Highlights

City Council Declares Climate Emergency
Stephanie Richards, InDaily, 28 August 2019
Five months after knocking back a plea to declare a “climate emergency”, Adelaide City Council has now endorsed a view that climate change is a “national emergency” that poses a serious risk to city ratepayers. READ MORE. 

Third time lucky: City Council to push ahead with developer register
Stephanie Richards, InDaily, 31 July 2019
After two failed attempts, Adelaide City Council has voted to investigate forcing councillors to publicly disclose any conversations they have with developers. READ MORE.

Push for City Councillors to log conversations with developers
Celeste Villani, The City – Advertiser, 14 May

Adelaide City councillors would have to disclose private conversations with developers under an elected member’s push to “bring a new era of transparency” to the council.

Cr Robert Simms wants council staff to prepare a report into setting up an online register where councillors must log discussions they have with developers. READ MORE.

Rate rebate needed to address homelessness
Stephanie Richards, InDaily, 21 February 2019
Adelaide City Council should consider introducing a new affordable housing rebate to address homelessness in the city, area councillor Robert Simms says. Simms told InDaily this morning he would move a motion at Tuesday night’s meeting calling for the council to investigate ways it could increase its affordable and social housing stock in the city. READ MORE. 

Simms puts banning plastic at forefront of Council return push
Simeon Thomas Wilson, The Advertiser, 6 July 2018

Former Greens Senator and Adelaide City Councillor Robert Simms will make a bid to return to Town Hall and says he will wage war on plastics if successful. READ MORE. 

Adelaide’s Rainbow Walk Launched

ABC Adelaide, 21 October 2016


The rainbow-coloured path has been unveiled in Adelaide’s CBD to recognise and celebrate the city’s LGBTI history. The Rainbow Walk in Light Square includes a timeline to highlight milestones for sexual minorities in South Australia. Former Adelaide City Councillor and Greens Senator, Robert Simms, said the installation would send a positive message about the gay and lesbian community. READ MORE. 

Adelaide candidates unite against ‘gay panic’ defence

Bension Siebert, InDaily, 9 January 2018


The Liberal and Labor candidates for the seat of Adelaide have joined a push by their Greens rival, Robert Simms to abolish the “gay panic” murder defence in South Australia. READ MORE

Homophobia in Australia

Sky News, 14 August 2017

Interview with BBC World News

BBC Impact, 10 October 2017

Debating the Marriage Equality Plebiscite 

Commenting on the Government’s cruel asylum seeker policies

Discussing the Greens’ plan to strengthen anti-discrimination laws

SA Politicians Debate Agricultural Issues

Senators Nick Xenophon, Robert Simms, Bob Day, Fairfax Media SA business manager Percy Henry, Fairfax journalist Peri Streathern and Labor MP Nick Champion.

‘Throughout this five-day series of debates, SA politicians discuss how Australia is travelling under the current government; the economy; increasing employment opportunities; South Australian road funding; agriculture; the environment; and people.’ WATCH HERE. 

Debate on the ABC’s Religion and Ethics Report

Wednesday 25 May 2016


Greens Senator Robert Simms and Terry Tobin QC debate amending anti-discrimination laws to remove religious exemptions. LISTEN HERE.

Greens push for National Water Centre 

Bension Siebert, Indaily, 24 June 2016


The research centre is the latest pledge from the Greens as next week’s July 2 federal election looms. Under the plan, the institute would be given almost $27 million per year to conduct research on sustainable agriculture, water recycling, stormwater harvesting, water-sensitive urban design and water efficiency. READ MORE

Greens Promise To End Exemptions Under Anti-Discrimination Act 

Paul Karp, The Guardian, 17 May 2016 


The Greens have promised to remove religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law and increase funding to the Safe Schools anti-bullying program. The promises are contained in broad-ranging Greens policy for LGBTI rights to be released on Tuesday by their LGBTI equality spokesman, Robert Simms, and gender identity spokeswoman, Janet Rice. READ MORE.

Interview With Michelle Grattan About The Evolution Of The Greens 

The Conversation Podcast, 24 April 2016 


The future of senator Robert Simms, one of the freshest faces in the Greens team, may hang on whether he is first or second on his party’s ticket. In his home state of South Australia, where the Nick Xenophon Team looks to be strong, the Greens face a particularly tough battle. But Simms tells Michelle Grattan he thinks the Greens have a chance of retaining their two seats. LISTEN HERE.

New Senator’s Message for LGBTI Kids

Lane Saintly, Buzzfeed News, October 14, 2015 

Firstspeech4 - Copy

In his maiden speech on Tuesday, new Greens senator Robert Simms delivered a message to young LGBTI Australians: things really do get better. “I stand here today as an out and proud gay man. But it certainly wasn’t always so,” Simms told the chamber. READ MORE.

New Senator Robert Simms Talks Of Struggle To Come Out

Judith Ireland, 13 October 2015, Sydney Morning Herald 


When Robert Simms was growing up in Adelaide, there was one thing the self-confessed “nerd” who loved debating and student politics would never have considered talking about in a speech, let alone his first speech in the Senate. While Senator Simms had a happy childhood, there were times when he did not feel as though he quite fitted in. READ MORE. 

Simms to propose $800 million green car jobs scheme

Bension Siebert, InDaily, 30 September 2015


South Australia’s automative industry would receive part of a green-tinged $800 million funding package if a former Adelaide City councillor has his way. New SA Greens Senator Robert Simms will propose a Green Car Transformation Scheme to directly subsidise environmentally friendly automotive industries as his first Bill when the Senate returns next month. READ MORE.

Robert Simms Is Our Rainbow Warrior

Katie Spain, The SA Weekend, 28 August 2015 


THERE’S a lot to love about rainbows. People marvel their beauty and songs are written about their allure. Put the colours red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet side-by-side on a flag, however, and they’re more than a miracle of nature. For members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the rainbow flag is an international symbol of pride. For some, it is also a symbol of support. READ MORE

Council to Pilot Green Roofs and Walls
Bension Siebert, InDaily, 10 December 2014


Adelaide City Council will conduct an intensive pilot project next year to test new ways of greening the city. Area councillor and former Greens political adviser Robert Simms moved a motion at a council meeting last night, instructing council administration to report on policy changes that would increase the amount of plant life on public and private property in the city. READ MORE. 

Plan for City’s Homeless

Bension Sibert, Indaily, 23 January 2015
Area councillor Robert Simms will propose a change to the council’s Community Development Grants Program to prioritise funding for initiatives which help vulnerable people endure extreme heat over the summer. READ MORE. 

Councillor Wants Greener Super and Banking
Bension Siebert, InDaily, 12 March 2015
Simms will present a motion asking council administration to investigate which indirect investments the council has in the fossil fuels industry, so that the council can consider switching to more “sustainable” institutions. READ MORE.

Interview with ‘The Exchange’