Homelessness and Housing


Housing affordablity is a huge issue in Adelaide and many people are struggling to pay rent or break into the housing market.

The Adelaide Zero Dashboard estimates 148 people are sleeping rough on our city streets each night. It’s clear that we need to do more to end homelessness and provide more affordable housing and social housing in our city.

I believe housing is a human right and everyone deserves a roof over their head and a place to call home.

I support:

  • Inclusion Re-zoning to encourage more affordable housing and social housing in our city.
  • Activating vacant buildings and discouraging owners from keeping buildings vacant for prolonged periods.
  •  Increased support for rough sleepers, including safe places to sleep with increased access to services and amenities (particularly during extreme weather events. )
  •  State and federal governments to provide more funding for social housing and to organisations that provide support to rough sleepers.
  • The important work undertaken by the Hutt Street Centre and Adelaide Day Centre.
  • Working with the Adelaide Zero Project and partner organisations towards the goal of ending homelessness in our city.