Greening Adelaide


I want Adelaide to reach its potential as one of the world’s leading sustainable cities.

During my previous term on Council (2014-2015) I successfully advocated for $1 million dollars for a Greener Streets Program and as a result more trees have been planted in Adelaide over the last 4 years than ever before. But more needs to be done.

You can read more about the Greener Streets program here:

I support:

  • Protecting our Park Lands, planting more trees and boost green roofs and walls
  • Extending the seperated bike path throughout the CBD and finally completing the city bike network (including East and West)
  • Promoting active transport and measures that protect the safety of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Encouraging more electric car charging stations
  • Increasing access to solar energy by encouraging solar on apartment roof tops so that both owner-occupiers and renters are able to switch to renewables
  • Boosting grants to encourage retrofitting of residential properties to promote energy efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Tightening standards for new developments ensuring appropriate insulation and energy efficiency
  • Making Adelaide a leader in climate change adaptation – encouraging business investment and boosting jobs
  • Encouraging city businesses to phase out single use plastics
  • Improving waste mangement throughout the city – with more recycling bins in public spaces and green bins for city businesses and residents
  • Ensuring Council divests of any remaining (direct or indirect) fossil fuel investments
  • Resisting the privitalisation of public space (including our Park Lands)
  • Making Adelaide the world’s first Carbon Neutral City!