Defending Your Right To Know

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Secrecy undermines faith in our democratic institutions. As the first elected government in Australia, Adelaide City Council should model best practice when it comes to accountability and transparency.

As your Councillor, I have advocated for:

√    A register disclosing Councillor contact with developers

√    The disclosure of political party memberships by candidates before the  voting period  in local elections and a cap on campaign spending

√   Increased community involvement in Council budgeting and planning

√   Changes to Standing Orders to remove the anti-democratic gag order on Councillors talking to media about their motions before meetings

√   A public meeting on the Crows’ proposal for the Park Lands with community consultation before any guiding principles were developed

√ Lifting the confidentiality order on Council’s discussion of the potential for Adelaide to host the Commonwealth Games

√ Changes to Standing Orders to give the community the opportunity to ask questions of Councillors and Administration at meetings.

Unfortunately, nearly all of these measures have been opposed by the majority on Council.  Despite this, I will continue to speak out for the community interest.