Greens Push For National Water Centre

Bension Siebert, Indaily, 24 June 2016


The research centre is the latest pledge from the Greens as next week’s July 2 federal election looms.

Under the plan, the institute would be given almost $27 million per year to conduct research on sustainable agriculture, water recycling, stormwater harvesting, water-sensitive urban design and water efficiency.

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Should Religion Be Exempt From Anti-Discrimination Laws?


Greens senator Robert Simms wants to remove religious exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act. He says the provisions in the law allow for religious organisations to discriminate against staff or clients who are from sexual minorities. To debate the question, we talked to Senator Simms and Terry Tobin, a leading Queens Counsel and former chancellor of Notre Dame University.

Listen to the debate on the Religion and Ethics Report. 

Greens Promise To End Religious Exemptions To Sex Discrimination Act

Paul Karp, The Guardian, 17 May 2016 


The Greens have promised to remove religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law and increase funding to the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

The promises are contained in broad-ranging Greens policy for LGBTI rights to be released on Tuesday by their LGBTI equality spokesman, Robert Simms, and gender identity spokeswoman, Janet Rice.

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Michelle Grattan talks to Robert Simms about the evolution of The Greens

The future of senator Robert Simms, one of the freshest faces in the Greens team, may hang on whether he is first or second on his party’s ticket. In his home state of South Australia, where the Nick Xenophon Team looks to be strong, the Greens face a particularly tough battle. But Simms tells Michelle Grattan he thinks the Greens have a chance of retaining their two seats. Listen to the interview here. 


Greens Senator Robert Simms Slams Tony Abbott For Speech To Anti-Gay Hate Group

Alistair Kitchen, Star Observer, February 3, 2016 


SOUTH Australian Greens Senator Robert Simms yesterday called out former Prime Minister Tony Abbott for speaking to US anti-gay group the Alliance Defending Freedom.

In a speech to the Senate last night, the Greens’ spokesperson for marriage equality called Abbott’s speech “a brazen slap in the face to LGBTI Australians and their loved ones”.

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This New Senator Had a Message For Australia’s LGBTI Kids In His Maiden Speech

Lane Saintly, Buzzfeed News, October 14, 2015 

“I stand here today as an out and proud gay man. But it certainly wasn’t always so,” Simms told the chamber.

“I remember I was around 12 when I realised I was gay, I was in my final year at primary school. It was a secret I carried for a long time – indeed I didn’t tell anyone until I was in my early twenties.”

A former councillor for the city of Adelaide and Greens political staffer, Simms replaced South Australian Greens senator Penny Wright. He holds the portfolios for higher education, LGBTI issues and water.

Simms joins three other openly LGB members of the Australian parliament, including Labor senator Penny Wong, Liberal senator Dean Smith and Greens senator Janet Rice.

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New Senator Robert Simms Talks Of Struggle To Come Out

Firstspeech4 - Copy

Judith Ireland, 13 October 2015, Sydney Morning Herald

When Robert Simms was growing up in Adelaide, there was one thing the self-confessed “nerd” who loved debating and student politics would never have considered talking about in a speech, let alone his first speech in the Senate.

While Senator Simms had a happy childhood, there were times when he did not feel as though he quite fitted in.

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Adelaide City Councillor Robert Simms Is Our Rainbow Warrior


Katie Spain, SA Weekend, 28 August 2016 

THERE’S a lot to love about rainbows. People marvel their beauty and songs are written about their allure. Put the colours red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet side-by-side on a flag, however, and they’re more than a miracle of nature.

For members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the rainbow flag is an international symbol of pride. For some, it is also a symbol of support.

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Radio Adelaide

“It was great speaking with Brodie and Sam about LGBTI politics on their program, Pride and Prejudice on Radio Adelaide on the 13th and the 23rd of December.

Topics included the ‘gay panic defence,’ marriage equality, identity politics, gay stereotyping on film and television and the federal court’s judgement on the ‘Peter Slipper case.’

You can listen to these podcasts via the Radio Adelaide website or at the links above…”