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Robert Simms is a former Senator for South Australia. He was the Australian Greens’ spokesperson for Higher Education, Sexuality and Marriage Equality, and Water and the first out gay man to represent SA in the federal parliament. Sworn into the Senate at 31, he was also one of Australia’s youngest politicians.

Robert was a strong advocate for LGBTI rights in the parliament, campaigning for Marriage Equality, Safe Schools, increased availability of HIV prevention tools and strengthening anti-discrimination laws. In his first speech to the Parliament, Robert shared his coming out story and reminded LGBTI young people that “things really do get better.”

You can read Robert’s First Senate Speech here.

Robert was also a strong voice for South Australian jobs fighting for increased investment in renewable energy, advanced manufacturing and the local steel industry. In 2016 he secured Senate support for an inquiry into BP’s proposal to drill in the Great Australian Bight and also won backing for a motion to support electric manufacturing in South Australia.

Firstspeech4 - Copy

Prior to entering the Senate, Robert served on Adelaide City Council where he was a strong voice for progressive values, promoting: greener streets, better cycling infrastructure, ethical investment and improved access for people with disabilities. Robert’s achievements on Council include:

– amending Council’s grant policy to provide support to the city’s homeless during extreme hot and cold weather

– successfully advocating for the $1 million promote Greener Streets Program (to support green roofs and walls and tree planting)

– Securing support for a Rainbow Walk in the CBD promoting LGBTI pride and inclusion

– initiating an investigation into Council divesting from fossil fuel

You can read more about Robert’s work on Council here. 

In 2014 and 2015 Robert was listed as one of the nation’s ’25 LGBTI People To Watch.’

Robert has  worked in the community sector as a policy advocate, served on the boards of a number of community organisations including the Youth Affairs Council and AIDS Council of South Australia, and worked as a radio journalist. He was also an advisor to two Greens Senators, Sarah Hanson-Young and Scott Ludlam before working at Flinders University as a Casual Academic.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice, a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in sociology and politics) and a Graduate Certificate in Journalism. In 2008 he was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia as a Barrister and Solicitor.

He continues to write as a progressive social commentator and has had work published on the ABC, Huffington Post and Sydney Morning Herald, as well as other publications. He has also been a regular panelist on Sky News. He lives in the city of Adelaide, in the South Ward.


2 thoughts on “About Robert Simms

  1. Dear Robert,

    I just read your article about Facebook addiction in ‘The Drum’ website. I must say that it was one of the most interesting and authentic articles that I have ever read and couldn’t agree more with your analysis and viewpoints pertaining to social media. I myself do not use Facebook as I think that its real purpose is not to ‘keep up with friends’ but a forum to be used as a form of narcissism for those seeking social validation.

    Again, well done on a brilliant piece of writing.


    Sydney, Australia.

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