Let’s Make History In Adelaide!

Adelaide is a great place to live and work but without a positive vision for the future, we risk being left behind. Our community needs a strong voice in the Parliament that will fight for the things we believe in.

As your Greens candidate, I stand for:

√ A fair and inclusive society

√ A thriving, independent arts industry

√ Action on climate change with greener streets and better bike paths

√ A planning system that serves the community, not the big end of town

√ World-class public transport and affordable housing

√ Affordable, reliable power that doesn’t endanger our climate

√ Secure, well paid jobs so that people can stay in SA

I’ve spent my working life fighting for people and our planet. It would be an honour to represent our community in the State Parliament.

Together, let’s make history on March 17 by turning Adelaide Green!

Robert Simms



Rob’s Record 

As a former Senator for South Australia and City Councillor, Robert has a strong record as a community advocate. During his time on Adelaide City Council, he secured $1 million for the Greener Streets program which has led to record tree planting in the CBD.  Read more here



Power To The People

South Australians need affordable, reliable power that doesn’t cost the earth. By regulating the national energy market and boosting our investment in renewables, we can reduce electricity prices. Read more here.



Democracy In Town Planning 

The Greens want a planning system that serves the community, not the big end of town. The Greens’ plan will ensure residents have a say in their neighbourhood’s design and development. Read more here.



Join Our Campaign

We are running a people powered campaign to turn Adelaide Green! Can you help us get the message out? Click here to join a doorknocking or letterboxing team in your area. 


* Authorised by Dominic Mugavin, SA Greens, 239 Wright Street, Adelaide SA 5000